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We manufacture walnut oil in Ukraine and sell it in wholesale to European customers directly from our manufacturing premises. Our walnut oil is cold-pressed mechanically without any chemistry and high temperature. We offer the certificate of origin in order for walnut oil to be delivered to Europe. This oil is organic, or bio oil - regarding its highest quality. Prices depend on the volume of purchase. 

Packaging is either glass bottles (200, 250, 500 ml), or in plastic canisters (in bulk). 100 ml glass bottles can be discussed. 

Here are our prices for 5000 L to buy walnut oil in EU (Slovenia) - EXW without VAT

Prices in Slovenia, Ljubljana

Package Price in EURO
200 ml 2,05
250 ml 2,75
500 ml 4,62
1 L in bulk 7,82

The more walnut oil you buy - the less price you have! 

Ask for price from 100 LITERS

We will send you our proposal and deliver to Europe


If you want products delivered by our transport – be sure we will manage